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Insta Ballin & Pinterest Pimpin Bundle

(10 customer reviews)


My Complete, A-Z Strategy to Dominate Instagram (178 pages) and Pinterest (83 pages).

  • Used to Grow From 0-250,000 Instagram Followers in 10 Months.
  • Use to Generate 450,000 Monthly Website Visitors in 6 Months from Pinterest.
  • Both Strategies Are Fully Automated Once Set Up.
  • In Total These Both Generated Over $200,000 For My Business In 18 Months. 
  • Full 30-Day Risk-Free Refund Policy.


10 reviews for Insta Ballin & Pinterest Pimpin Bundle

  1. Haley Lorim (verified owner)

    I’ve taken many vague, general courses before. This is not one of them! Connor teaches you EXACTLY what to do, every step of the way. Connor has trained low paid assistants (usually from the Philippines) to do these strategies, so they’re incredibly structured to follow!

    But don’t be fooled into thinking that these aren’t super technical, or lacking in power. These strategies are the real deal, which makes it all the more impressive that they’re so simple to follow.

    He also walks you through the thought process of almost every decision, as well as talking about the specific ways he used these in his businesses.

    Implementing only a few of the conversion optimisations in the bonus (the bloody bonus!!) I’ve been able to make 2.5x the amount of money our business makes from its existing amount of visitors.

    Massive thanks Connor! 😍

  2. Vincent T (verified owner)

    I’ve only been running the strategies in Pinterest Pimpin for 2 months, and my website visitors are already blowing up 💥 My profile is getting over 700,000 monthly viewers, and over 100 people are going to my website every day! This is crazy. I’ve only been building my blog for a year but this training has really poured gas on my growth. I’m currently building a video course so I can turn this side project into a full time business 😍

  3. Tanner Lee (verified owner)

    This training has helped our agency run viral Instagram and Pinterest campaigns without spending hundreds of man-hours. Seriously valuable. The step-by-step process Connor teaches is incredibly valuable in helping us understand creating viral pins in such a deep way, without the need for endless trial and error campaigns.

    The client results (and so testimonials) we’re getting are absolutely game-changing. More explosive followers growth and big traffic results from Pinterest. We’ve already bought on two more through word of mouth!

  4. Adam Strauss (verified owner)

    What a gold mine!!! I just love that not only did this teach me why everything was important, but how to do it. I’ve been focusing on building my social audiences using these strategies and they’re already paying off big time. 🔥🔥

    Connor’s suggestion to ask for your audience’s problems, and then to use their answers in your copy and popups has increased my email and opt-in rate by almost 2x and increased the number of people that get to my sales page by 3x! I’m now making 3x as many sales just because I have an audience that I can quiz. Crazy.

  5. Bertrand Cos (verified owner)

    For anyone still on the fence – I’ve gone through all of this training and WOW! For the price, you simply cannot get this much crazy information in such an easy to implement formula. I just love how everything builds on each other, and how there’s zero useless information. Everything has its reasons explained, and is designed to give you maximum results with as minimal maintenance as is possible.

  6. Teressa (verified owner)

    This course is next-level good. Off course the main strategies and direction are amazing, but what I really love is all of the little added thoughts and warnings. It’s clear that Connor has developed all of these through a massive amount of testing as he makes so many valuable time-saving points that I’d just never have considered.

    Automating multiple Instagram accounts, phone verification services, even the psychology to use to get more shares and clicks.

    So many goodies!

  7. Lisa Jade (Jade Jewels) (verified owner)

    Needed to share a win I’ve just had after using this training! I’ve been running an Instagram account for almost a year now, with some success (just over 3,000) followers, but had never considered curation like you suggest.

    Wow! In the last 2 weeks I’ve had 3 posts go viral, bringing in an extra 900 followers which sent over 700 people to my website and netted me 6 sales (more than paying for this training)!

    I just wanted to say thanks for packing so much useful information in. It’s clear that this isn’t just theory, it’s been built through a LOT of testing and failure, so I’m so so so glad I can skip all of that out!

  8. Lakshmi T (verified owner)

    I’d pretty much given up on boosting my email list opt-in rate. I tested and tested and the best I could get was 3% of people that visited my page, actually subscribing. My blog is a side hustle, so I can’t just spend all day working on it.

    I just wanted to share that I managed to more than double my opt-in rate just from your bonus. Now I’m getting 6.5% of people on to my email list, which is where I make all of my sales. So overnight this has more than doubled the amount of sales I stand to make, with zero extra work to maintain that! Amazing!

    I’ve taken countless courses in all sorts of marketing and business building, and read EVERYTHING I can find, but this is by far the best investment I’ve made! I wish I’d found this earlier and saved myself so much time, energy and money 💀

  9. Tunde B (verified owner)

    This course has taught me that you don’t need loads of money to do marketing! I never thought that understanding algorithms, psychology and “viral” could be so interesting, profitable (and fun 😅).

    I only have a small blog business, so could never consider massive ad campaigns or using agencies, but now I’ve been able to have a massive impact by just being smarter about how I automate and scale up any advertising efforts.

    It’s so simple to follow the strategies that Connor has built. I really don’t think you can fail if you just do the steps, which is why I’ve recommended it to two friends that also run businesses. One has started to grow their Instagram after months of stagnation, and the other is now applying your conversion advice to every word on her website!

    Very highly recommended even at full price!

  10. Annelise Dominique (verified owner)

    Thanks to Pinterest Pimpin, I’ve been able to (pretty much straight away) make a tonne of money! I’d been relying on paid Pinterest advertising, which is nice, but which costs perhaps $1,000 per 1 million impressions. So it would really eat into any money I’d make with my courses.

    Well not anymore!

    I can’t believe it could be so easy to design viral pins. I’ve managed to get over 2 million impressions with 4 pins I made myself. I can’t really believe it. Not only does this save me over $1,000, but also I still get clicks and sales in exactly the same way as the promoted pins.

    Better still, I can use this new knowledge to design extremely effective paid pins if I still want extra exposure and growth.

    Investing in Pinterest Pimpin is going to make you your money back! There’s nothing to lose as Connor is there every step of the way to answer any questions (no matter how simple) that you have.

    It’s an awesome investment that you can’t go wrong with. Take the leap and start building some freedom today ❤️

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