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Happy Birthday to you! 

I trust you’re suitably excited.

To celebrate, you’re about to receive the greatest gift of all time.
Congratulations on passing a quarter century.
For always bouncing around like you’ve just got your hands on some tubby toast.
For those eyes, full of:
For your enthralling enthusiasm, that made my first reaction of:
become quickly followed by:
It’s inspiring that you always try to:
Sexy(?) that you:
And impressive that you bundle up all the b’s:
Congratulations for always bringing the:
for being a sweet adventure partner.
as well as being great for a cozy evening in with a movie and takeout.
Congratulations on breaking through mental barriers:
For charging towards your mission, even if it’s tough.
and for having the:
to become the Obi Wan that Gotham deserves.
I’m sure it’ll suck to seal Baillie leave
but, like the people of Toastmasters, I’m unreasonably jazzed
to see how you’ll blossom with this change.
Congratulations for cultivating your musical talent.
for your entrancing dance moves.
and that captivating voice.
And know that if your current path ever has you feeling like this kid:
that apparently, there’s a market for your other, skills….😉
So, congratulations Natty, not for turning 25, but for being a spectacular human, who’s just turned 25. 
And although you sometimes have me feeling like this:
You largely have me feeling like this:
Wanting to cheer you on and support you in becoming the best, most awesome Natty you can 😎
Happy Birthday love, 
Look forward to a catch up soon x